Why You Should Become A Pharmacy Technician

If you are looking to start a rewarding career that will earn you a decent salary and also provide plenty of opportunities for career advancement, working as a pharmacy tech is a great choice. There are many reasons to become a pharmacy technician, from the great pay to the flexible working environment. Read on to learn more about becoming a pharmacy tech.

Pharmacy Technician CertificationYou don't need to spend four years in college to be a pharmacy tech. In as little as a year, you can get your diploma and in just two years you can get your pharmacy tech certification. Getting the certification is a better option if you want to make more money.

As a pharmacy tech you are going to work under a licensed pharmacist and you will have multiple duties. You will dispensed medications and fill prescriptions. You will also have to interact with patients. You will be responsible for measuring, weighing, and mixing medication. You will also be responsible for putting labels on bottles and maintaining patient databases.

You might have to complete insurance forms and keep the inventory stocked and up to date. Be prepared to work on your feet. The hours can be very flexible and you can work night and weekend hours as part of your job. How to become a pharmacy technician? You just need a high school diploma and either a pharmacy tech diploma or a certificate.

The certificate program will provide you with plenty of on the job training and some states require that you pass a license a test while others just require the certification. The job is in demand and the demand just keeps growing, so it is a good choice of careers. You can even choose to attend school online if you are already working at another job.